Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Letter #27

Sorry everyone! His letter didn't come through until about one in the morning today! So we're glad we got one this week. (=


Mission life is just great!! We had a hard week this week, but I sincerely think that the Lord is going to bless us for our labors this next week!

I contacted 36 people this week, and not one person let me in! But its ok. Better luck this week.

So here are a couple things that have happened this week.

1. Elder Bryant and Elder Montalban only have 6 months left. yep.... they only have that much time left... so elder bryant burnt some of his pants!!! woo. i think i put a picture of him with them. it was a fun night. but elder bryant and i decided that we are going to celebrate with some sushi. but were waiting until i have 6 months on the mish (which is only is a week or so)... crazy!!

2. all of our lessons fell through. we had 32 legit lessons this week that we could have had! ..... but we didnt have them.... because they all fell through. we would pass by the people, and for some reason, NOONE liked us this week and said that they were busy, or that they didnt have time for us. but it doesnt matter to me. MORE TIME TO CONTACT!!! woo! which led to more rejections.... but i dont care, the more i get rejected, the more i am like Christ. he got rejected by his own people... so when if i get home, and you guys start rejecting me, i wont care, because im more like Christ :)

3. an inactive came to church! One miracle that happened this week is that one of the REALLY inactives came to church this week. it was amazing!! Dont ever give up on the inactive members. really, they just need a reminder of why the got baptized. 

4. I got whipped. One night, when i was talking to Elder Larson on the phone outside, I was really startled when elder B and elder M came running out at me, and started smacking me.... im not really sure why they did it, but im going to get them back somehow.... anyone have any ideas??

5. I had a great dream. one night i dreamed that i was playing soccer for arsenal once again. and i did a bicycle kick! and i woke up and my feet were in the air against the wall and my head was hanging off the side of the bed..... scary, but soooo real. dreams really do come true!!

6. painted a school. this week, our zone went and did service for the governor. we painted a school and met him and hung out with him and such. it was really fun!

7. got an assignment. the zone leaders gave me an assignment to call every district every other night and ask them who they have coming to church, what they are doing about them, and such. so basically, i have the whole zone mad at me because i keep bugging them about everything! but i dont care, whatever to get them thinking about the big picture right? :)

8. had a great dinner. the inactive member who came to church, invited us over for dinner that night and we talked with her family and her nonmember niece and sister.... so yeah, we will be teaching her here pretty soon. :)

9. I owned the argentines in soccer this week. every thursday we have a soccer night and we play with the neighborhood kids. i OWNED them. my team never got sent off the field. i probably had 30 goals and i made 6 kids fall.... good times. i didnt realize how good i was doing until some of the kids started calling me messi.... boo yeah.

10. i have 90 percent for my fasting!! Booyeah, a step down from last week, but still, 90 percent. :)

Everything is good here, just a little harder. "but that that dont kill me, will only make me stronger."

Les amo, espero que tengan un buena semana. Aguante Argentina! por favor, orar para que yo tenga muchas lecciones esta semana! :)

Un Abrazo muy grande!

Elder Gray

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