Monday, April 2, 2012

Letter #32

Conference!!!! Oh my goodness it was amazing. Us elders started cheering when president Monson walked in to the first session of General Conference. Ive never felt the spirit stronger from cheering because of something happening on tv. We watched conference in the Barrio Maipu church. The members also came to watch it with us. The elders who speak english, had the opportunity to watch conference in English in a different room, and of course i took the opportunity. I love President Monsons voice in english better than spanish. but for the Sunday morning session, I did watch the first part in spanish because we had one of our investigators in there watching it. Good ol Jose got up early, washed his pants, ironed his shirt, and waited for us at his door to come pick him up. It was an amazing sight to see the 76+ year old man, recently recovering from getting hit by a car, wobble to the Taxi door. (of course we helped him) Such a testimony builder to me. He is a investigador who cant get baptized for a little while because of a couple of little things. And we also had Abril come too! She is the cutest 8 year old in the whole wide world! She is so smart too. It was such a spiritual moment for me to see her is her sunday dress, sitting with her grandma, waiting for conference to start.
So yeah, Us elders watched conference in English. We cheered when the prophet walked in. And, we also cheered when one of the seventy dropped major cain on writing letters. He finished talking about how the people need to write more hand written letters to us missionaries, when all of the elders started cheering. I wish i wouldve had the moment on camera. :) I loved all of the talks that we could listen to. But there was some of the talks that we didnt get to hear beucase there was a solar storm and so the satelites were down for a half hour or so each conference.... :( bummer. but i cant wait to receive the liahona when we can read the modern day scripture that we received. I know that we have a living day prophet who leads and guides this church with all of the restored keys of the priesthood. I know that God loves us. He wants that our families are back with him.

I also loved Elder Bednars talk about the priesthood. if you get a chance, please go read it. I know there is a difference between the power of the priesthood and the authority of the priesthood. we all need to better ourselves so that we really do have the power of the priesthood.

Me and my companion were talking about our grandmas and how they both live in that little subdivison that i think is called tithing hill place. so we were wondering if they knew each other. and apparently they do :)

I love you all and i hope you have a great week! Keep watchiong the conferences over and over and keep the messages in your heart!

Congrats to Jessie Willes for getting engaged!! Make sure to send her a present from me :)

Love you all, know that I am always praying for your success.

Elder Gray

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