Monday, April 30, 2012

Letter #36

Hello Family!!

Im glad to hear that you are all warming up a bit. here it is getting a bit chilly. So chilly that I actually have to sleep with sweats on so that i dont freeze! In the morning when we wake up, we have our sweats on, we go make breakfast, then we go shower. After we are done showering, we go get our white shirts and ties on, then throw the sweats on on top of them. then we go upstairs to where we study, and we end up making a hot cave with all of our heaters. its really fun :) You open up the door to our study room and you get hit with a huge wall of hot air. It feels like you are walking into a sauna.... but its just dry. Its really fun nonetheless! :)

This week has gone by really quickly. We have had a lot of success this week with working with the members. We had a lot of member lessons this week. We are supposed to have 20 lessons a week. We usually get 4 lessons with members, and 16 without members.... but this week, we got 12 with members and 8 without!! IT was a great week for us this week :) We found Mathias again!!! He has already read all of the book of mormon! he a chosen for sure. We have an appointment set up with him this week and we will see when he will get baptized!

This week I have been studying a lot about the plan that God has for each and every one of us. Its amazing to think how much God really loves us and how much he puts in our paths. Just this last week, Elder Holtby and I really started to realize how much God really does watch out for us missionaries. I have been praying a lot lately so that i can see the work of God in my life and how I am using that work to improve the lives of others.

We had a lesson with an inactive family this week and whenever we go and visit them, there is always this lady who is there with the family who hates us missionaries. We always try to be nice with her, and be respectful, but really, I get so angry when i try to talk to her about anything. We started talking one day and we got into a discussion.... a mildly heated one.... and during the whole thing I was just quiet thinking about how I was going to turn this discussion around. Then Marta, the wife of the inactive member, started to defend our religion. It was really cool! Marta is not a member and usually doesnt like to talk about the church. But today, somehow, the spirit touched her, and she started to defend us missionaries against her friend. She testified that she knew that we were representatives of Christ and that we were always so nice to her and her family. I of course, started to tear up a bit. It was really another answer to my prayer.

I know that we should always preach the gospel, and if it is necessary, we should use words.

It was fun to see the pictures of your trips! Im excited to see how big Lily and Logan are when I am home! :) Logan is huge!

I sent you a bit of pictures. Ill try to put what they are.

I love you guys and pray that you are well.

Ill be talking to you all soon!! :)

Con amor,

Elder Gray

PS. Somehow, make sure that Steve gets to the JAZZ. We will never lose a game. :)

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