Monday, April 16, 2012

Letter #34

Me oh my! What a week that we have had here in Barrio Jardin!! Yo y Elder Holtby tuvimos que discursar en la iglesia ayer! Por lo menos discursamos bien. Muchas personas de la iglesia estan listos para servirnos, y ayudarnos con nuestros investigadores ahora. I talked about how we can serve our leaders in the church..... So i basically just used chapter 13 in PMG. If you all have not read preach my gospel, please go read it! It is awesome!! My comp talked about prayer and keeping the sabbath day holy. It was a really good talk! Church here is really fun. There are about 30 people in the congregation, and all of them are taking notes or something so that they pay attention. It was really fun to see the whole ward listening to see what they could improve on.
I really love church. Being here in my mission has really helped me see why we need to go to church. Its like recharging our spiritual batteries for the week. Just like with our Cell phones, if we dont charge it, we will run out of batteries and we wont be able to do all the cool usual stuff that we can do! During the week, I feel sometimes that my spiritual battery is running out, but then sunday comes, i partake of the sacrament and renew my covenants, and I am spiritually uplifted by the classses and talks that there are.

It sounds like all of you are having a fun time! Lily and Logan sound like a blast. It makes me want to play in the play dough with them. How big are they now? Im guessing they are getting pretty big!

My interview with the President went really well. My comp came out of his interview looking really worried and he told me that president wanted to see me and that he was really mad.... So i was like, oh crap, whatd i do.... I walked in and started talking to president. President, I heard from my comp that you are mad at me.... He looked at me with a confused look, then he hid a little smile, Then he said, Yes elder, I am really upset at you right now.... You didnt bring me any facturas (basically a little donut thing).... hahaha.... oh man, I was in big trouble.

So yeah, I sat down, had my interview, and he asked me a lot about my family. How is your dad? How is your mom? how are your sisters and brother? I was actually suprised at how much he knew about you guys. He asked me if there was anything wrong with any of you. So i just told him that you are all doing fine. He asked me about how I think that I am progressing as a missionary. I told him that I am loving the mission and that every day is a new and exciting day where i have an opportunity to learn something new. At the end of the interview he told me that he was proud of me and that he was expecting me to grow into a great leader here in the mission. Then he stopped for about a minute.... and thought. Then he told me that at the end of every interview he stops and listens for the spirit to say anything to him. He told me that the spirit was very pleased with me and that God was very pleased with my work here in the mission so far. He also told me, to tell mom and dad that I am one of the best missionaries that he has out here right now. That definitely made me feel good, and of course I started getting emotional and of course i started to cry. I totally felt the Love that the Savior and our heavenly Father have for me. I was thinking a lot during that week if my mission meant anything to our father in Heaven, and I was asking him in my prayers if my work here was good enough for him. This interview was definitely a huge answer to my prayers. I am really excited for the next year and 5 months to expand and to find out what type of man i turn into. I cant wait to see where my mission takes me!

This week we taught a lot!! We had a lot of lessons with members and with less active members and a LOT with investigators with the members in the lessons. We also had the opportunity to teach Belen, the mom of Abril (cute little girl who just got baptized), and Belen is amazing!! She is definitely going to get baptized the 28! Hopefully i will still be here in Jardin to see it....

Yes! Transfers are this week! I really hope i get to stay here in Jardin one more transfer so that I can see the people I have been working with progress to their baptism. If not, then I know that im supposed to be where I am going to be.

I was reading in 1 peter 2:11-til the end of the chapter. It is a really good section of scripture! I encourage you all that you can read it prayerfully and with a heart open to receive and act upon what the Spirit Directs.

It also rained A TON this week! We got wet multiple times and im pretty sure that one of my shoes  got destroyed.... :P pucha!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Congrats for Aly White and Jeremy Holland!


Elder Gray

ps. I dont suck at punctuation, this computer just doesnt have all the buttons..... :P


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