Monday, April 9, 2012

Letter #33

Family!! Happy Easter!!

I heard that Wyatt dominated the egg hunting game! Way to go Wy! Congratulations Marci on the new boy Collin Jeffrey Catron :) (CJ has a nice ring to it right?)

Dad, watch your back. There are many melquisedec priesthood holders who live around us that would love to come help you. if not, call Brent Castagnetto. (ps, tell him to write me).

but yes, happy easter. It was an amazing week for us. For Catholics here it was the Santa Semana (Holy Week), and they arent allowed to eat meat for the weekend to santify the holy day. so a lot of people were willing to receive us. We found one man named Carlos who is the dad of one of our recent converts. He is probably about 60 (about as old as dad right? ;) ) he is awesome. He was testifying to us about the apostasy and how he knew that the church of the catholics wasnt true. and so we taught him about the restoration  and we will be visiting him once again :)

We baptized!!!!! Wooohoooo!!! 10 weeks here in Jardin and all the prayers, tears, work, sweat, steps, doors knocked, members called, fasts, etc. have payed off. Abril, the cute 8 year old got baptized and her mom, Belen, has now committed to baptism for two weeks from now. Abril is such an example to her family :)

Jose can also get baptized pretty soon! we will have to check with president today about that! (we have interviews today) (and so yes, i am sitting in a little cubby with all of my suit coat and slacks and such on. man we look good)

But the bad news of the week was that I was sick for half of it... again.... I got a really bad fever and I was in my bed for about 2 and a half straight days just reading the Bible and BOM. It was a fun reading experience. Genesis chapter 17 is actually really cool!! To all the Bishops, Stake Presidents, and Auxillary leaders, USE YOUR COUNSELORS! They are defnintely there for a reason. Sometimes they can be the biggest help to you and to the people whom you are called to serve.

I hope you got all of the PIctures!! Love you all and be safe! Remember that God is just two knees away.

Love Elder Gray
Sorry everyone the Pictures haven't/didn't come through yet so hopefully we'll get them soon! =)

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