Monday, May 7, 2012

Letter #37

Hello familia!

How is everyone doing? This week went by realllllllly fast and really good as well. We had a lot of lessons, which is always good, and we gave a lottttt of blessings. It was a cool experience to give all of those blessings in Spanish. I actually felt like I could talk perfectly when I was giving them.

Well, here are some things that happened this week!

1. I received letters! We received the bolsa! and I got some letters from unexpected people! 1 from Hna. Andrade (My MTC teacher), 1 from the primary class of Michelle Francom, and 1 from a girl that I met at BYU. Thank you some much for all the letters! I am grateful that i received them. they definitely made my day a lot better! I hope that my return letters find you all soon!

2. Hno. Castillo was released. Our Ward mission leader got released this last week.... and now he is the stake´s first counselor for the young mens.... little disappointed becuase he was an awesome ward mission leader! He would always go and visit all of the investigators that we had and he would always be ready to help us in all that we did. We had a lot more success because of him. But the stake really does need a leader like that for the youth.

We also have to teach on Sundays now.... :P haha

3. We put a fecha to bless a baby. We went and visited an inactive family and they want to bless their baby! The husband (Claudio) is not a member so hopefully this will help bring him to church and will bring the whole family back to church as well!  they family also started praying together! :) its really cool to see them praying together because he is a Catholic. but now he is really startiung to open up to the church! I can´t wait to see how he progresses!

4. We made a homework thing. I dont remember if i told you or not, but we made a cool little homework thing for all the people that we find that cant meet with us often. We made it and its a three week process of reading the scriptures to find out really if we are the true church. So basically, when they do this, they can see their progress for baptism, and when we pass by, nhothing will be new for them. we will just go over all the questions that they have and such.

5. We played soccer on a really good nice field. We rented out a nice field for p day and we played as a zone. it was really fun. I played with an Elder named Carson Peyton. He played for timpview and so we talked about the good ol high school days. His story is awesome. Jason Kreis (coach for Real) said that he would be playing for Real the next season..... HOW AWESOME IS THAT! but then he decided to serve a mission. that is a huge sacrifice. definitely an inspiration for me. He has played with Beckerman, Olave, WILLIAMS, Morales, and all of my hero from RSL. Man i idol him. haha

6. We cleaned our pensiĆ³n. Hna Salas called us and dropped cain on us that our pension is dirty.... so we spent the WHOLE DAY cleaning up the pension. it looks really good right now :) haha

7. Learned something cool. I was reading in Alma 11 the other day and i learned something way cool. THis is when Amulek is talking to Zeezrom. Zeezrom asks him a question is verse 34. " shall he save the people in their sins? " and Amulek answers " No "

At first I was like.... WHAT!? Christ wont save us from our sins? so i read it again.... Shall he save the people IN their sins?   No.....

So what is the difference of Christ saving us FROM our sins, and him saving us IN our sins?

I think the difference is that when he saves us FROM our sins is that we accept his Atonement and repent of our sins.

So yeah, i thought that was cool!

I hope you are all ok! And I can´t wait to SEE you all this week :)

With much love,

Elder Gray

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