Monday, June 11, 2012

Letter #42

Greetings here from Unquillo. Basically this week im going to take a couple of minutes and describe to you all how my new area is....

AMAZING!!! Its basically like Im just taking a trip up to the cabin, or im up west canyon camping.... but actually literally camping. We dont have any light.... We use gas tanks to cook and heat up water. We use candles to light up the rooms at night. I eat mushed up pumpkins and corn. and I just have to say that I love it.

When we are working, I dont even feel like im working. I feel like im just taking a walk through the forest because all there is is a bunch of trees in every direction and LOTS of hills. Unquillo is its own city and its basically on top of a mountain. I love it. a Home away from home.

But yes, I am freezing my behind off. We havent been sleeping to well because its so cold but then the hermanas from our ward came a dropped us off a bunch of blankets! woohoo. I am super pumped to be warm again. :)

Here are some events from this week.

1. Argentina beat Brazil!!!! 4-3. yeah, we´re the bomb. And messi had 3 goals. I always knew he was the best. The people here were freaking out about the game. Elder Diamond and I would be walking through the streets and then we´d randomly hear a bunch of people yelling, or a bunch of people cheering. so we could tell who scored. Needless to say, during those 2-3 hours we didnt get into a single house beacuse everyone was watching the game..... but its all good.

2. We found 3 new families!! Woohoo. We found the family Reynoso. They are a mom, raul 22, a girl 20, and another girl 15. We talked to the mom outside of her house and we found out that the little girl was having problems with english.... and so we came in to help her with english, but by the end we were all learning something new about Faith, repentance, baptism etc. It was fun to see them all learn together as a family. Hopefully this week we can help them progress to come to church. and then straight into the waters of baptism!

Also antoerh family who are all evangelists and they were asking us a lot of questions about what we believe and such. They also thought that we didnt believe in honoring the flag of argentina and that we dont donate blood..... man i hate how people think that we are testigos. But yeah, we talked them for a while and they love us! we are going back this week to visit with them and hoèfully we can help them progress as well.

We found a family last night as well. We are supposed to be in our pension by 930 at the latest as missionaries but if we´re not teaching, we should get back at 9. So it was 845 and we had nothing to do and so we were heading back to the pension to get our clothes to bring to an hermana who lives next to us who helps us by washing them. we got our clothes, brougth them to the hermana and then sat down and drank a malta with her. Then there was a knock on the door and her sister and her husband came in and started talking to us. So an hour and a half later, I had the scriptures out, Elder Diamond was drawing examples on his agenda, and we were giving marriage advice to this couple about how they can raise there kids better. We must have touched them with the spirit because we have an appointment on wednesday to go and talk with them. Yesterday we got back at about 11.... we´re sinners.. haha

3. My permanant retainer broke..... bummer. Everything is breaking here on the mission. Yeah, Saturday morning I was flossing my teeth (being a good boy) and I started flossing through my permanent retainer and I must´ve pulled really hard because the floss ripped my retainer off of half my teeth. So right now I have my see through retainer on so that the metal doesn´t keep poking me.... And in an hour or so im going to go to an orthodontist to see if they can fix it... The cool thing about this who experience is taht when I speak in spanish I speak like someone from Spain. So everyone asks me if Im from spain. haha :)

I hope Grandma is ok!! Hopefully I can see her when I get back. It sounds like you all had a fun week in OK, camp, etc. Be safe and ill talk to you all next week!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Gray acá en Ciudad Unquillo

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