Monday, June 25, 2012

Letter #44

Hello friends and family.

Its week 4 here in Unquillo and Im having a blast! I finally received my money from the mission and so I bought batteries to take some pictures!!! And today we´re heading to a waterfall thing.... so ill be sure to take some pictures of that.

How is everyone doing? Im guessing good. some highlights from this week are:

1. We got pulled over by cops. Yeah.... I guess we were walking to fast or something. so yeah, we were visiting an inactive family who lives in Barrio Talar, which is way far away from our pensión. We were walking to their house and then we decided we were going to try and contact some people. I went up to a house, knocked on the door, and a lady came to the window.... She pretended she was deaf and so i just said, "we´ll come back another day." then the deaf lady replied , "ok, gracias"...... Just an example of the lame excuses that we get from people. but yeah. so we continued walking and there was a bunch of cops on the street next to us.... one of the cops stopped and told us to turn around. We were like..... ok..... so yeah, they walk up to us, ask for our DNI, and so he starts checking our stuff. Then he asks us if we understand spanish... "no dummie, I just stopped when you said to, and turned around when you said to." man i hate cops... but yeah, they told us that some lady just barely called them and said that two "missionaries" were trying to get into her house to rob her..... (kinda an ironic sentence to me) he took down our information and then left. so yeah, I was a wanted criminal in Argentina :).

then this sunday we get out of church and then our zone leaders call us and ask us if we got stopped by cops. we told them the story and then the zl´s told us that some guy showed up at their church and started asking how they could know if we were really missionaries and not ladrones trying to rob them.... Needless to say, we are going to start teaching him this week. :)

2. We put a fecha. We started talking to a girl named deby. She is 18 and her parents are both inactive members. but yeah, we were walking down the street one day and we pass some girl and elder diamond says, "her parents are members but she´s not" "WHAT!? well lets go talk to her!" so we went and talked to her, she came to church, we had a lesson and we put a date for her baptism the 14th of july. :)

3. We taught Fernando. Fernando is just a contact we did on the street. We talked to himand he was like, "yeah, pass by at this time." ok. we got his direction and realized that he lives 1 street away from us. haha. so we visited him. Talked about his family, and then we shared the book of mormon. he is now reading it every night and trying to take stuff out of it to become a better father. the only problem with him is that he is not married.... But that is easily fixable :)

4. We taught familia dominguez. FAmilia dominguez is a family that is inactive. We passed by them, asked them why they aren´t going to church. the are going to a baptist church. So i dropped some cain on them, and went into deep doctrine about the priesthood and the authority. The mom, at the end of the lesson, was like, wow..... if i would´ve known that.....It was a fun lesson.

5. We taught Miguel Ángel. Miguel Ángel is just like the Familia Dominguez but they are investigators. We stopped, and talked to them deeply about the authority and the priesthood and how the Apostasy happened and why there was a need for the restoration. They promised that they are going to read.

So yeah, this week was fun! I learned a lot about the  authority and the priesthood!

I hope you are all good! Love you all!

Elder Gray

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