Monday, July 2, 2012

Letter #45

WOW!!! This is an exciting week.

1. Im going to complete 10 months! wow... a lot has happened since 10 months ago. For one, Im fatter. For two, I can speak a bit of spanish now. For three, my knowledge of the gospel has increased ten fold.

2. I am almost twenty! Wow.... Im old. (My birthday is August 2nd, so if you send me a birthday package now, it will get to me by my birthday :) ) Hint hint wink wink nudge nudge.

3. We had emergency transfers.... So im not companions with elder Diamond anymore.... Supposedly some of the elders that were supposed to come and replace the elders who had finished their missions didn´t arrive. So as a mission we are down 20 elders. So to make sure that all the areas had enough elders, we had to make a few changes. I am still in Unquillo, but now i have a new companion. His name is elder Labra. He is a chileano! WOOT WOOT. I <3 chileanos. He is actually supppper awesome. Definitely one of the coolest elders in the mission. He barely speaks any english so my spanish skills will be put to the test these next weeks.

4. We found 18 people last week that are new investigators. and we found 3 families! woot woot. So hopefully we will be baptizing a TOOOONNNNN of people for my birthday. that would be an awesome present.

5. I got sick again this week.... Bummer. I had to take a couple hours off of each day and stay in the pension to sleep and take some pills... but im ok.

6. I received a Freaking awesome package!! Cassie sent me a package and it had a lot of cool things in it. One thing that especially caught my attention was the STEVE NASH JERSEY. wayyyyy legit. Love ya cass :)

7. Matt got his mission call. WAYYYY legit as well. I cant wait to hear about all the cool people he meets in his mission and the experiences that he will have. I really know that he will learn a lot because I, as a missionary right now, have learned more than i could ever learn in any other place. Forth Worth wont be able to handle Elder Williams.

8. My computer doesn´t have a place where I can send pictures so hopefully i will be able to switch computers here soon and send you all some photos.

9. One of the investigators we were going to have died.... :( We received a reference from one of the members about an old widow that lives alone. So we were planning on going by to visit her today... Then last night we received a text from the member who gave us the reference, and we found out that she passed away.

10. We found a man that has a lot a faith.... hahahahahahahaha (long story). but basically we were teaching a man and whenever we´d ask him a question, he´d answer it by saying, "i dont know, but all you need is faith, and i have a lot of faith." Now elder Labra keeps talking about faith and making jokes about him. I love Elder Labra.

Well yeah. Thats about all that happened this week!

I hope you all are good and well and happy and stuff. Keep reading the BOM!

Love Elder Gray

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