Monday, July 30, 2012

Letter #49

Wow.... I am old.

Hello everyone! I´m glad to hear from some of you to see how you are doing. For me its always fun to hear something that brightened your day, because many times, it also brightens mine.

This week was really good here in Rio Ceballos! We had a lottttt of lessons and a lot of new investigators. We also had 2 baptisms!!! :D Hopefully I will be able to send you some photos of it but it seems like to me the computers here dont want to cooperate with me. :P

But yeah, overall, this week was really good. We of course had some difficulties, but we overcame them with a lot of help, and a lot of prayers. So thank you all for the prayers you send in my direction. They are well needed and well appreciated.

1. Alvaro! Alvaro (9)  was baptized this last Saturday!! :D It was a really nice baptism and there were a TON of people there (im thinking over 100). 

2. Lourdes! Lourdes (8) was also baptized from the ward this Saturday. She is so dang cute!

3. Ruth. Ruth was at the baptism and it was supposed to be her baptism as well. But she said she wanted to wait.... So we repected her decision and so we are just waiting for her to say yes, I want to be baptized. At the beginning of the baptismal service she said that she would never want to get baptized.... But after the baptism and the confirmation, the Spirit was so strong there, that she almost said that she wanted to be baptized right there.... So im thinking by the end of this week she´ll have the desires to be baptized. :D All we can do is wait.

4. Flia Garcia. We visited the Flia Garcia this week and taught them about the plan of salvation. They received the message really well and we´ll be going to visit this Thursday when the family can all be together.

5. Flia Martinelli. The Martinelli family invited me over this Thursday for a Birthday lunch. So I think it will be really fun! Then a lot of other people invited me over for dinner and such so I know we´ll be eating a lot that day. haha

6. Soledad. Yesterday we went to go visit Soledad and help her build her house! But when we got to her house, she came running up to us and said that a couple of other guys came and helped her build it. So now we can go visit her whenver we want! She is really interested to find out about the Restoration and the Authority and such. It should be a good lesson :D

7. Florencia/Graciela. After Soledad we went to go apologize to Graciela (mom of Florencia) because she didnt´like that we were coming by to visit florencia and pushing her to a baptism. So we went over and apologized to Graciela and now she LOVES us! She wants us to come by and start visiting the whole family! :D haha I know, that when we humble ourselves like a child, and apologize to those whom we have wronged, the Lord will touch their heart and they will accept the apology.

8. Flia Medina. When we were visiting Soledad at her house, there were a couple of the guys who were helping her there. Then one guy ran past us and went to his house. So, we decided to go visit him. When we knocked on his door, he opened the door and said that he didn´t want anything to do with us. he didn´t want us to pray with him or his family. But after a couple of minutes talking to him. His wife (who was in the background the whole time) told us to come in and take a seat. So elder Goates, said ok and ran into the house before the dad said no. haha So yeah, we took a seat and started talking to them and after 30 minutes (and sharing the Lesson 3), we have a lesson set up with them this Tuesday.

9. We also got contacted by a couple. We were coming out of Graciela´s house after we just apologized to us. Then this young couple contacted us in the street. They asked us if they knew of a Good Christian Church that they could go to.... I looked at my companion and he looked at me and I said, "uhhhh.....Yeah, I know of one." Then we presented ourselves as missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And after a good little conversation with them, we are going to be going to visit them Tuesday.

Really, here in Rio Ceballos, we are seeing a lot of miracles. I know that God lives, and that he really loves us. He wants us to be successful and to have a good life. His purpose, his work, and his glory, is to bring to pass the eternal life and immortality of man. All we need to do, is keep his commandments.

I know that there really is a law irrovocably decreed, that when we receive a blessing, it is because we have kept a commandment of him.

I hope you are all are recognizing and sharing the blessings that you receive.

I love you and i hope you all have a great week.

Elder Gray

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