Monday, August 6, 2012

Letter #50 "And it came to pass. . ."

And it came to pass that the elders of Rio Ceballos did receive many blessings because of their faithfulness in keeping the commandments of the mission Argentina Cordoba.

Wow! this week was an awesome week here in Rio Ceballos. We had 6 people in church yesterday! We worked a ton this week so that we could have someone new show up and God blessed us with 6! I really do know that when we keep the commandments, show our faith through our works, and pray to have our works show their fruits, God really does bless us.

Well yeah, there was a lot of stuff that happened this week and so here are some of the major points.

1. We put a fecha with Lihue! We had Lihue come and meet with us at the church before one of the youth activities. So it was us, him, and Jared (kid of the Bishop). We started talking about the church and how he liked it. Then he started asking a lot of questions that we answered with scriptures and testimonies. At the end of the lesson, the whole young mens quorum started testifying of the Book of Mormon and we put a baptismal date with him for the 18th of August. ..... But he didn´t come to church this week so we´ll move it to the 25th.

2.Gaston came to church. We talked with Gaston this week as well and we were going to put a baptismal date with him as well but then we found out that his parents don't really like us that much. So now we need to go and talk with the parents to find out if they would permit us to baptize Gaston. I really hope that they will! Gaston is the man!

3.Micaela came to church! We´ve been working with Micaela a lot lately trying to help her solve her problems with her family and trying to help her understand the world that comes after this life. And she ended up showing up to church this week! it was way cool. And also she gave me a pair of underwear as a present for my birthday... hahahaha she´s way funny.

4. Marcelo, Ruth, Laila, and Saul also came to church. They are a bunch of other people that we have been working with this week to see if they could come to church with us. And they all showed up! It was also testimony meeting and so it was super powerful with all the testimonies given.

5. I had two cakes for my birthday! They were delicious. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!

6. I finished Helaman! To sum up all my reading thus far, I just have to say that I hate the Gadianton Robbers.

7. Argentina won a medal I think! woohoo! all the Argentines update us on the US and how they are rooting for China to beat us in the medal races.

8. I'm old. :P I now am 20 years old. haha

Yeah, that about sums up the best of this week! I hope you are all doing good!

Con mucho cariƱo,

Elder Gray

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