Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Letter #52 Ether 12:12

This week was a week of Miracles!!! And as the scripture says, that God can´t do a miracles among us unless we show our faith. Really, this week was one of the best ones of my mission. We received so many blessings from a lot of different people and we always get to see how we become a blessing in the lives of others.
This Saturday we will have a baptism!! We also could possibly have 4 baptisms..... and ill explain to you why.

1. Joaquin is for sure getting baptized this week. We talked to the mom and she said that she has been seeing the miracles and the changes in her son and in the house. She also gave us permission to baptize him this saturday and so Elder Goates and I will have completed our goal to baptize in August! We went to Joaquin´s house last night with Brother Paolantonio, who was the bishop of the mom a while back, and he helped us gain confidence with the mom and with the grandpa. Now they love us!

2. We could be baptizing Denise this Saturday. It all depends if we have permission from President Salas.  The reason why we need permission is because she has only gone to church 2 times and there is a rule here in South America, among all the missions, that you have to have 3 assistances to be able to be baptized. And Denise also had to stop smoking... So we were working with her throughout the week to try to stop smoking and so we put a couple of goals with her. She first started out smoking ten on monday.... Then we told her she has to smoke 8 on Tuesday, then 6 on Wednesday, and 4 on Thursday, etc... we went to her house on thursday to see how she was doing and she said that she smoked 6 again.... :/. so we helped her out with some scriptures on faith and told her that her faith would help her to be healed. So on saturday, we sent her a bunch of text messages to help her remind herself that she can´t smoke more than 4 but we never received a text message back. So of course, us elders were a bit worried that she was falling off the deep end. that night at 11:30ish, we received a text from her that said that she didn´t have any signal all day and that she didn´t smoke at all that day!  What a miracle. She also said that she´d see us in church on sunday. So yeah, we got up on Sunday, went to church and she was already waiting for us in the class of the Relief Society. She told us that she hadn´t smoked in two days! Afterwards, we asked the bishop for permission to baptize her and he gave us the permission. Now we have to ask president to see if he will give us permission.

3. Jeremias (8), is going to be baptized in the ward.

4. Ruth (sister of Jeremias) has been going to church for about 3 months now and hasn´t wanted to be baptized because of some stuff that she has been doing. So one day when we were having a family home evening with her family, she came up to me and asked me to write my testimony in her book of mormon. So of course I accepted. I started writing what I felt about her in her book of mormon, and then I had a strong impression to start writing about the grace of Christ and the atonement that he made for us, and overall, the Love of God. So I started writing about that, quoting some scriptures along the way, and then gave her the book when I finished. She started reading the tesimony, reading the scriptures i left her with, and then sat there thinking for like 30 minutes without saying anything. Meanwhile, I am just talking with the family and enjoying my time. At the end of the FHE, i said bye to the family and said that we´ll see them in church.  At church, I said hi to Ruth to see how she was doing. She told me that she had been thinking a lot about what I wrote to her and that she wants to be baptized! We will be baptizing her SOON! 

Really I know and testify that there is power in testimony. Testimony is something that we have lived and that we know of a surety. I know that really if we pray to our Heavenly Father to gain a testimony of something, he will give it to us. And the most special and important part about a testimony from our Father in Heaven is that only He can take it away from us.

I know that God lives. He loves us.

(DC 76:22)

Really, there were a lot of miracles taht happened this week and I know it is because of the Faith that we have shown to Him.

The Family Medina also came to church this week and had a great time.

Our hard work really does pay off.

I love you all and hope and pray that you are safe and well kept.

Con Amor,

Elder Gray

PS. When the pool gets done, do a cannonball for me. :D

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