Monday, July 16, 2012

Letter #47


We received transfers this week and I´m being transfered again!!! I only had 6 weeks in Unquillo but I guess the Lord needs me here in Rio Ceballos. Rio Ceballos is just like Unquillo but a LOT bigger. And now I have a new companion Elder Goates. He is from Holladay Utah. He has 14 months in the mission so I am excited to see what I can learn from him.

So yeah, today i woke up and said by to a bunch of members and investigadors here in Unquillo and I went to Rio Ceballos. The members here are awesome! The made me a bunch of cake, gave me a bunch of socks, and one of the members here gave me some really nice pens.

Some other cool stuff happened this week.

1. I chemically burned my feet.... Yeah.... hahahah I was washing the floor with some clorox stuff and my comp told me if i put my feet in there, the stink from my feet would go away... So, of course i had to try it.... And i ended up burning my feet, and i had to stay in the pension for 3 days because i couldnt walk good. But im okay now. no worries.... And my comp was right! My feet dont stink anymore! :D

2. We found a chosen girl. We were headed to lunch one day to the Flia Zarzur. We got right up to their door and some guy yelled at us. "Elders! How are you guys?" .... it was melani´s dad and he told us that he was inactive but he wants us to baptize his daughter melani. So of course we say we would. We started teaching melani and she will be getting baptized the 28 of july! Im sad that I wont be able to see it, but at least I might receive the blessings of it ;)

3. My companion almost killed another dog.... hahahaha he basically did the same exact thing as last time but this time it was with our neighbors dog.

4. My companion got a call from president and president was asking him if he thought I should be put in the office. And needless to say, I was almost the Secretary to the president. haha

Yeah, this week i dont have much time but ill try to send you some pictures!!

I hope all is well with you all!

Elder Gray

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