Friday, July 27, 2012

Letter #48

Wow!! A lot has happened this week! I am really excited to tell you what blessings our Heavenly Father has given us this week here in Rio Ceballos.

1. We have 2 baptisms this week!! woohoo! Ruth and Alvaro are getting baptized this week and also there is an 8 year old getting baptized in the ward. So we have 3 baptisms! :D

2. We found Florencia. So we went to lunch one day and we decided to ask for some references from the Hermana with whom we were eating. She told us that she didn´t have any non members to visit but she did know of a member that is inactive that we should visit. So of course, Me loving the non actives, said that we should go visit them. And so we did! We went and visited the family and we ended up finding out that all the kids are not baptized.... And yes, there is 6 of them, with 5 over the age of 9. So we talked with one of the daughters who´s name is Florencia. Florencia is 21, she basically bore her testimony to us that she knows our church is true because she felt the spirit when we were just talking to her to get to know her. She said that she wants to get baptized in three weeks so we´ll be baptizing her around my birhtday! She has been reading the pamphlets that we have left her and she has started reading the book of mormon as well.

3. We found the garcia family. So after we visited with Florencia one day, we decided to knock some doors to see if that neighborhood was just the place for us to be. We found hermana Garcia who let us in to say a prayer with her. We got in the house, said a prayer, and then after an hour of talking with her, she said she would read the book of mormon every night with her husband and talk about being baptized in the church. WOW.... I really know that God loves me and answers my prayers. I am really greatful for all the prayers that you all send in my direction as well. The are well needed and appreciated.

4. Carlos is being baptized!  Carlos, the man that I was teaching in my last area is getting baptized and he invited me to come and help him get baptized! So the 4th of August ill be traveling to my old area to help Carlos get baptized (he has a fear of water). I am glad that I am reaping the white field.

5. Melani is being baptized! Melani, the girl who I taught in my last area, is being baptized as well this week. So this week is going to be an amazing week for us elders here in Rio Ceballos, Unquillo, and Salsipuedes.

6. My mom turned 52! :D Feliz Cumpleaños mamá! te amo, y espero que éste año será un año de prosperidad y mucho éxito! Voy a enviarte un paquete con algo de acá! :D

7. We taught another inactive family and they are now helping us find a ton of people!. His name is Chango Funes.... Definitely the coolest guy I know here in Argentina. He sings for a national band and has a huge testimony of the church. He invited Florencia over to his house to have an Asado (barbeque) without telling us elders. But now we know and we´re going to share the spiritual message tonight. Im way excited to start working with him to turn Rio Ceballos into its own stake!

IF you ever get the chance to help the missionaries in any way, PLEASE help them. I know that the members have more affect on the investigators than what we will ever have.

I love you all, and I hope you are all safe!


Elder Gray

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