Monday, June 18, 2012

Letter #43 Unquillo. . .a city of Zion

Hello everyone! Happy Fathers Day to all fathers and especially to my dad. I hope it was an amazing day for you all and that you got to rest a little bit.

Well... Here are some things that happened this week!

1. We had someone in church!! We had a lot of people say to us that they are going to go to church this week. And someone showed up!! His name is Carlos and he is the dad of one of the members. We were sitting in sacrament by ourselves when Elder Diamond whispered to me, "hey, we have someone in church." And we both looked back at the doors and Carlos comes walking in! It was such a blessing! So we went to go sit by him and he randomly leans over to me and says, "hey, what are you guys doing after church"..... Nothing..... "want to come to our house to have some empanadas?"... uhhhhh heck yeah!!!. so yeah, here for fathers day, we went to a way cool investigator and had some empanadas. Afterwards we were talking to him about baptism and he was just plain and simple when he said, "im basically what they call a Mormón seco", which is basically someone who is a mormon but isn´t baptized..... As long as im in this area, he will be baptized!! heck yeah. So now is he reading the book of mormon with his daughter and his neighbors are going to start visiting him with us. :D So we´ll see how quickly the Spirit will touch him and tell him to get baptized.

2. I went to the orthodontist. Yep. I went. They grinded on my teeth a bit so that the point isn´t poking me anymore. And then they had me come back a second day to take some pictures of my teeth. Now they want me to come back to see if I need to get my Wisdom teeth out.... But I think they just want my money. Im not going home to get my wisdom teeth out unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary.... Silly Orthodontist.

3. We have Lunches!!! Here in Unquillo the members rarely helped us with lunches i found out.... but not on my watch! I started a new calendar that will last through the whole year. And now we have lunches every single day. (except for the fifth tuesday and wednesday of the month), But that will soon be fixed.

4. We found 13 new people this week!! So as of right now, we have 21 new people that we are teaching since I have gotten here. And I really hope that it keeps going like that until I leave. This place is Zion, just waiting to be baptized!

Yep. That is about it here inUnquillo for this week. I hope you all are doing good! Im rapidly approaching 10 months! its crazy to see how the time flies here!

Love you all and I hope you have a great week.

Elder Gray

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