Monday, June 4, 2012

Letter 41

Hello Family and Friends!! I am now here in Barrio Unquillo after transfers! Its basically just a huuuuuuge city just outside of Córdoba. I feel really blessed for the opportunity that I have to be here. So yeah, I left Barrio Jardín and left my dear companion Elder Holtby after 3 months and now I am here in Unquillo with Elder Diamond, another stud. I sincerely want to let you all know, that God really does know us and love us. There is no way that it is just luck that I keep getting awesome companions. Elder Diamond is from West Jordan, and he has 2 or 3 more transfers than me (he completes a year this week). But really, he is a stud. There are a couple things I am going to miss about Barrio Jardín, and they are my investigators.... Yes, Charli is getting baptized this week. Yes, José has decided to get baptized in two weeks. and Yes, Belén (mom of Abril, whom we baptized), has decided to get baptized in a week. Really the field is white, ready to harvest. All we need to do is reap with our might and thrust our sickle. The blessings are just waiting to be found! Also, I thought I would let you know, that Abril, the little girl that we baptized is in the Liahona!!! She is in the general conference edition with the two kids of hermano Castillo. She looks like an angel. :) I think the picture is in elder baxter´s talk about the single parents and such. so if you get a chance, take a look! Oh yeah! I got robbed.... again.... :P Last week we were in Las Flores playing soccer and football. So i left my stuff on the side of the soccer court. So we were in the field playing some football and then some other kids came to play on the soccer court. Then after playing a while, they left and elder Guymon told us that they picked someone´s stuff up off the ground and ran.... of course it was my stuff. So me and elder Holtby went running after them and we caught up to two of them. they didn´t have anything :P. it was the other kid who took it all.... and we never found him again. pucha. But yeah, everything is going good here! Argentina beat Ecuador 4-0 the other night, so everyone here is happy :) But we do play Brasil this next weekend so we´ll see what happens! Its crazy how everyone here loves fútbol. basically me and elder holtby were walking in the street the other night and we were thinking.... "where is everyone?? Usually there is a ton of people in the street during this time. is it the ciesta?" but no, we entered into a house and we found out that Argentina is just playing, and i did see Messi score a goal :) boo yeah. ARgentina was dominating the whole time. Basically, if Argentina is playing, we cant teach.... because the television will not turn off, so we went to two different houses trying to teach a lesson but ended up just watching the 2 halves of that game. Barrio (Ciudad) Unquillo is huge!! search it on google earth and start looking around and you will soon realize how beautiful my new area is! I hope you are all doing fine! Write me if you need anything.... Actually, just write me :) Elder Gray

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