Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Letter #54 Happy Hump Day to me!

Yes. I do expect hump day gifts from EVERYONE. :D

This week was pretty good. We had a lot of ups but a lot more downs.... But thats ok, just a part of life I guess. We didn´t have anyone in church this week because all of the people we invited went to Córdoba to visit some family. They did promise us this week though that they will go to the activity that we´re having on Sunday because there isn´t church. There isn´t church because the Temple of Buenos Aires is being rededicated. And all of the churches are becoming "extensions" of the event so instead of church, we´re having that. And only the worthy members of the church can go to it..... so that puts a damper on the mission work. but its ok. We made an activity on sunday where we´re basically going to have church but without the sacrament meeting. haha

So... How is everyone doing? It sounds like you are enjoying the pool without me.... :P has anyone done a cannonball for me yet? if so, I want picture proof.

Speaking of pool parties. There is a family here in Rio Ceballos that is going to go visit their daughter that lives in Highland. And i of course told them that they need to visit my family and that my dad would give them a American Asado AKA Barbeque with Burgers, Steaks, etc. :D So yeah, at the beginning of October, if some argentines come knocking on your door looking for a barbeque, just know that I sent them with all my love here in Argentina.

I´ll get more details for you. They really are a way cool family, so treat them well. :D I´m going to give them our address and the telefone number so that they can organize it with ya.

But yeah, here in Argentina its amazing. Im sure that every missionary here would agree. This mission has been such a blessing in my life and I can´t even think of where I´d be if I wasn´t here. (Probably be playing soccer for RSL or something. ;)  ) but yeah, the experiences that I have had here in Argentina are the best experiences I´ve ever had in my life. I have learned so much about the gospel that I had never known before and I´ve learned so much about myself. I am a better person now and I am trying to be a better person everyday. I hope that all of you will have this goal as well: to improve on something everyday. That is the whole reason why we are here.

This week we talked a lot with our investigators about baptism and a lot of them denied it, which is ok. We learned that we need to teach it a lot more deeply and a lot better as well so that they can end up understanding what it really means. We also had a lot of them accept baptism and are now really preparing to be baptized. (with the exception of going to church because they were on vacation)

I also found out that where Dad and Zane went hunting here is seriously 10 minutes from me. Its called Asochinga or something similar to that. The world is so small.

I have also learned in my first year on the mission how easy it is to share the gospel. http://www.lds.org/topics/missionary-work/seven-simple-suggestions-for-sharing-the-gospel?lang=eng#seven-simple-01 Please, if and when you have the opportunity to share the gospel, open your mouth and let the Spirit speak through you.

I know that God loves us. We are his children. He wants us all to be happy. And with that desire, he needs us to be instruments in sharing this happiness with all those that are around us. I hope that you are will have a spectacular week. Be safe. Pray.

Con muchísimo amor y cariño,

Elder Gray

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