Monday, September 24, 2012

Letter #57 Moroni 8:17

Children are the bomb!

We had 7 people in church this week and 6 of them were under the age of 15... haha So yes, children are more receptive to the spirit and are definitely more humble. We had an amazing week this week and we taught a lot of people. We ended up inviting 17 people to be baptized this week and all 17 said ok. October is going to be a month of miracles here in Rio Ceballos. And the ward here is really excited because of all the new people that have been coming to church. This week we have 2 people accompanying us each day to share their testimonies with their friends and such.

Can i just say how blessed we are? We are the only church in the whole wide world who has a prophet that literally can talk to God face to face. I think about that each day and it still amazes me. And we also know the true depth of the Atonement and what it actually means for each and everyone of us. I really do "Stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me."

The Flia Paolantonio is really excited to meet you guys. I am sending a couple of things with them so that you get a taste of what Argentina is like. I hope you like them!

If you want a Jersey from argentina, let me know your size... and from what team your want. There is the team of Belgrano, Talleres, Boca, River, and Insituto. Look them up online and tell me which jersey you want!

This week we also have a lot of FHEs to do with memebers and their friends. The ward is also taking a day to go and invite their friends to General Conference next week and inviting them to see a real prophet.

Denis is doing way good. She received a calling in the church and is way excited to be a member of the Restored Gospel. She says hi to the family.

The bishop also say hi and thank you for helping me get on my mission.

I love children. They are the best. We have had a lot of children in all of our lessons and a lot of them say that they feel the spirit when we talk. Then the parents ask them about what they meant and its fun to hear them explain what the spirit feels like to them.

I love you all. Love your children, nephews, cousins, and be a good neighbor. That is what really counts.

I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Gray

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