Monday, October 1, 2012

Letter #58 Moses 7:18 Mosiah 2:24

Zion!! Our zone, las Sierras, was Zion this month! Woohoo. Every single companionship is the zone baptized. So yeah, today, we are having a big party. We all completed with all of our goals. Our companionship, elder Goates and I, got 3 out of the 5 baptisms we wanted in September. I know that I will always owe the Lord for all the blessing that I have received during my mission. There is no blessing greater than serving him in his work and to watch as his children accept the gospel by having faith, repenting and being baptized.
Florencia and Pia were baptized! It was an awesome baptism. There were like 60 people there. I also had the chance to baptize Florencia. She is so cute. They have read all the book of mormon and are now going to the activities and such. Hopefully I can get some photos of them becuase my camera is being stupid.

I gave blood and I didn´t have to end up getting stiches as well. Yeah. I know. Impressive. I was thinking I would be end up waking up, lying on the ground, looking around as a ton of people are over me but no. I did it, and I didn´t faint. :D Mom will be so proud.

We had another activity with the Young men and young women. The elders in Unquillo invited us to come and play soccer witht he Jóvenes in the stake so of course we went and schooled them all! It was way fun :D

The bishop called president because he wanted to thank the president for all the nice work we have done in Rio Ceballos. The bishop told us that before we got to Rio, there were about 75 people coming to church. Last week he told us that 116 people came to church.... So the ward has been way excited witht eh success we have been having.

We had 6 people in church this week. We had Sergio, Ezekiel, Mathias, José, Natividad, and Ruth.... So 3 new people! The familia Moyano couldn´t come because the mom got sick and so we are going to their house today to see if they can come to church and get baptized as a family in 2 weeks. Im pretty pumped.

Its fun to see all my friends´stories as they are experiencing their missions. And also for all the different stories I hear from my family and my friends. I love you all and I hope youare all doing great!

WE GET TO WATCH CONFERENCE IN ENGLISH!  woohoo :D I hope you all take the time to prepare yourselfs for conference. The words that come out of the Prophet´s mouth are scriptures and we should take them to heart as we do the 10 commandments.

Elder Gray :D


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