Monday, October 8, 2012

Letter #59: Ask the missionaries!! They can help you!!

Wow... what a blessed week we have had as we have listened to our dear prophet and our beloved apostles. I am so greatful for the guidance that I have received from them and the revelations that I will put in to action. I hope that everyone received the same type of guidance that I received: that to help us to be better people.
I really loved alllll of the talks. They each had a nice message especially directed to me as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. But the part in particular that I want to talk about it the very first thing mentioned by the prophet.

Missionaries can now leave when they are 18 years old! (for males) and 19 (for females). What a great blessing to all of us. I encourage and exhort ALL that are within the power of these words, to please consider serving a mission. Now is the time to go. We cannot delay the blessings that we receive from serving. I can purely testify of all the blessings that I have received here in the mission and I hope that one day I can make an unlimited list of them all. Prophets are called of God to do the work of His Son here on the Earth. I know that President Monson talked with God on this decision.

I also wanted to let you know some other big news that is happening here in the Mission Argentina Córdoba.... We had transfers!! And I am staying here in Río Ceballos. And im also staying with my comp Elder Goates..... And some other big news. We are both training!!! So yeah, I don´t know my new companion yet. He is still in the MTC. I really do hope that he is as ready to serve with all his might mind and strength.

Some other stuff that happened was that the Flia Moyano went to the Conference this weekend. So did José. José also went to the Priesthood session. After that session we started talking to the bishop about how José liked it and he said that he loved it but that he had to go leave and go to work. The bishop then told us that we have to baptize him. During the conference he had a vision of José being the Young mens President and saw him dressed in white just like the Prophet said. Soo.... we have a baptism the 20th.

The only bummer about this weekend was that the Mom of the flia Moyano didn´t end up going to conference so we have to postpone the baptisms of the little girls. They are soooo excited to get baptized that im sure they wont mind the delay for one more week. I sure hope that the girls start bugging the mom about her going as well ;D

Oh yeah, we received a letter from President today and I have a special message for Cassie. The president says, "Mi sugerencia para aquellos misioneros cuyas familias les administran su FB es que le pidan a sus padres o familiares que no lo hagan más y que no contacten desde el FB del misionero a personas de la misión.".....

Which translates to: My advice for those missionaries whose families are administrating their Facebook is that they ask their parents or family members to not contact anyone from their facebook to anyone in the mission.

So Cassie, another big favor that you can do for me. Please just leave the friend requests of people here in Argentina waiting for me to come home and accept them. :D love you cass.

I hope you are all doing amazing! this week was awesome. Lots of miracles and lots of love shared worldwide. I hope you all choose to love your neighbor as yourself and you keep to sharing the gospel with your family members, friends, etc.

Thank you for all of your prayers!

11 months left!

Con mucho amor,
 Elder Gray

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