Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Letter #62 Romans 8:24

Hello family and friends. This week was pretty fun. We had a lot of different activities and a lot of success in them. This week with the Ward missionaries was really fun because they are the young men in the ward. So this week was spent with the young men. haha

The young men also won a tournament in soccer this week. They had a stake tournament and they brought home a huge trophey. The young women also won in volleyball... so we have some really legit young people in the ward here.

We ended up having 7 people in church this week. They were: Hno. Riquelme, Martina, Uriel, Pricilla, Josefina, Andres, and Natividad.

Hno. Riquelme is the grandpa of some members here and he decided to come and watch the primary program this week. HE is way cool. Im hoping to be able to go visit him this week because he invited us over to eat some food with him. So hopefully we can share something impactful with him.

Martina is a 10 year old girl that loves to go to church. We found her visiting an elderly lady in our ward and she had a lot of visitors with her. Hna. Aguilera was preaching the gospel to all of the little kids as they were all sitting in their chairs. Then the hermana asked if they all wanted to go to church with her. Martina and Uriel said that they would go and so yeah, they showed up and participated in the primary program.

Pricilla is the sister of Maria Pia and Florencia (girls taht we baptized a couple of weeks ago). she came to see the primary program and she said that she loved church.

Josefina and Andrés are two friends that came to church randomly. Josefina is the sister of Mario (an eternal investigator who never comes to church). she decided that she´d come one day because we always went to visit him. She and Andrés loved the primary programa nd they invited us to a dinner this week as well.

Natividad.... always comes but she just needs permission fromt he mom to be baptized.

Nothing truly exciting happened this week. I am buying batteries today so that i can take a lot more pictures. I hope I receive some pictures in return.

Sorry that this week i didn´t write to much. I dont have much time!

Love you all. I know the church is true. Be safe.
Elder Gray

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