Monday, October 22, 2012

Letter #61 D&C 30. . . but if ye are prepared ye shall not fear D&C 136:17

Hello friends and family.

First of all, I just wanted to tell you all that I am sorry that the other letter didn´t get through. There must have been something wrong witht he computer here so Im sorry. I resent the letter from lastweek to help fill in some of the holes. 

This week was awesome!! We baptized again! José and Rocio both were baptized.

José is the coolest dude anyone could ever meet. He´s a lawyer and he´s wayyyyy smart. He was talking a lot about the priesthood in all of his lessons and he is way excited to be able to baptize his mom in a short couple of weeks. Yes, he is now helping us share the gospel with his mom. :D And he is also excited to go to the temple in...... 363 days. haha Really he is one of the most prepared people I have ever met here in the mission. Now we have the challenge of getting the not as prepared people to get prepared to partake of the fruit of the tree of life.

Hopefully I can attach some photos this week so that you can see how cool the baptism was.

Rocio, decided last week taht she wanted to get baptized this week and so.... she got baptized! haha And her other sister Belén went to this baptism and she told me that she wants to be baptized as well. So hopefully We can get her prepared in these next couple of weeks to be baptized. Then hopefully the other brothers and the mom will follow the rest of the family´s footsteps into the waters of baptism.

So yeah, I can´t complain about anything this week. We had an awesome week. Lots of success, lots of lessons, not so many assistances, but that is ok.

So the Paoloantonio family went to salt lake right befor eyou could meet them huh??? INVITE THEM OVER FOR A BARBEQUE. they are a way cool family. But if it all doesn´t work out, you can all come pick me up when my mission ends and we can go visit them here in Rio Ceballos.

We still can´t find the mom of Natividad so we can´t find out if she can get baptized yet.... But hopefully this week we can find out what happened to her. Natividad came to church by herself this week too so that was pretty cool.

During church, they announced that all the Young men are going to be ward missionaries...... WAY LEGIT! so now its just like we have 10 missionaries here in Rio Ceballos working. It will be really cool to see the explosion of missionary work and the explosion of baptisms that we will have.

OOooo i got a story for you all. I almost fainted when we were setting apart the ward missionaries. The bishop invited me to step in the circle to set apart the ward missionaries and so I was like.... ok...... We set apart Ricky, Renzo, Jared, and Gonzalo. Then when Samuel went and sat in the chair, we put our hands on his head, and then the pray started. I was doing good... Then i felt really weird... my hands got really heavy, my head felt like it wasn´t there, i opened my eyes but i couldn´t see because it was all white,.... So i was thinking, "Did I die?" but the prayer was still going so I decided to keep in to it till the end. The prayer ended, I reopened my eyes, told everyone i didn´t feel good, then went into a different room and laid down..... So yesterday i stayed in the pension and slept. Everyone told me that I ate something bad and that ive been working too hard.

But yeah, just like any other transfer, I got sick.... haha

That is the base of this week. I hope you are doing ok! Love you all

Elder Gray

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