Monday, October 22, 2012

Letter #60 Alma 41:10, 2 Nephi 5:27

For all of you currently following the blog, Sorry this letter wasn't posted earlier. Last Monday was a little devastating in our family seeing as his letter never came through. But sure enough he already had written one but the email just never came so he forwarded it this week! So we got TWO letters today! =)

Wow.... a lot of stuff has happened this week and I can´t believe all the success that we have had. Even though it has been such a slow week for me. It has been full of many different experiences that I can never change and I would never change.

If you haven´t already heard, I am a trainer! I received my newbie this Wednesday and his name is elder Cruz. He is from Ecuador and is reallllly cool. All i can say is that he speaks way better than me even though he has a couple days in Argentina... ;) He has 2 sisters and his mom and dad. He knows a LOT of the scriptures and relates them together really well. Its cool to hear him teach because of how well he relates it back to the person´s doubts. we´ve already had 4 or 5 days this week to work together and I have learned a ton! I hope that it continues like this.

We also baptized this week! Im adding another couple of kids to my gang of stripling warriors. Nicole and Belén were baptized on Sunday. (Sunday because all of the members here were in Buenos Aires visiting the temple.) They were so happy to be able to join their friends in the Primary. The mom also said that she felt something at the baptizm and that she is really going to start getting prepared for the 3 of November to be baptized.

This week we also have the baptism of José. He is legit. He´s a lawyer that first thought our church was a cult. The missionaries first started teaching him about a year ago but now he just barely realized that our church really is true and he wants to be baptized. So yeah, this week, he´ll be baptized by his lawyer friend Hno. Perez. It should be another really cool baptism.

We also talked to the mom of Natividad to see if she could get baptized... So her biggest doubt was that she is "catholic". After about 20 minutes of hearing her story of he listening to the missionaries, us explaining baptism and what it is for, us explaining that babies dont need to be baptized, we simply asked her a question.... Will you pray to God to know if these things are true? She answered after a long pause.... "I have always known that the Elders spoke the truth. I have always known the church is true." I was like..... What did she say?       After our discussion. we told her to pray about it and then tell us what God told her. So this week we are going to see what happened!! :D Im super super pumped.

Man, I am so happy. There are so many blessings that I am receiving for following the rules, being courteous, and serving. I am happy for the time i have been able to spend here. I hope that it never ends. That I always can have the blessing to share the gospel. I love to see the grand change in the faces of the people here when they really understand the gospel. It reminds me of the Mormon Message for youth that has the missionary teaching a guy and you can see the huge change in his face. Go search it!!

1. search
2. CLick on videos
3. Click on the video entitled "stay within the lines".
4. While watching, notice the difference in the man when he actually has his doubt and question answered. These are my favorite times in the mission. When the spirit really testifies to them the truth of what we are saying, and in a short month, it ends in a baptism... just like the end of the video.

This is truly what has been happening here in Rio Ceballos. People have doubts about life, we come, we teach, they feel the spirit, and their whole appearance changes in an instant.

I really hope that all of us will have an opportunity to share the gospel every day this week. I hope we can all be a blessing in someone else´s life.

Always do what Jesus would do. Our eternal salvation depends on it.

Love you all and I hope you are all ok. :D

Con mucho amor,

Elder Gray

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