Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Letter #55 D&C 36:8

Temples. How awesome are they? We had the privilege to see the rededication of the Buenos Aires Temple. It was amazing. President Eyering gave a really good testimony that hit me like a brick. It was awesome because Elder Cristofferson was directing and telling us who was going to talk, then Eyering leaned over and whispered something to Christofferson. Christofferson then said that there was a change of plans and that eyring would give us his testimony.

Oh man, was it powerful. Its amazing what words you will speak when you listen to the Holy Ghost. What he said, summarizing of course, is that God will not be mocked. We cannot return to him if we are sinning. We cannot be doing the stuff we are doing right now and expect to enter in the kingdom of god. just like it says in Matt 7:23. A god, came down and suffered for us so that we can return to God the Father´s presence. I know that he loves us.

It was amazing.

The activity this week went pretty good! We had a lottttt of people show up to help us and it turned out really good. the bishop gave the welcoming. we had a tour of the church. We showed them the baptismal font. we had a video of mormon messages. we shared testimonies. the kids sang for us. and yeah. It was really good. The bishop afterwards told us that we should do something like taht more often.... booyeah.

We invited 15 people to be baptized this week.... and all of them accepted dates. We have Denise getting baptized this weekend. Her sister and her cousins the next weekend... and then a lot more people the day of General Conference and the week afterwards.

I learned that we need to have a goal in our life. If we dont. Its just like we are playing soccer without any goals.... or basketball without any hoops.... no one will win. we wont see our progress. we wont get better and we wont return to live with our father in heaven.

I hope everyone is doing fine. I love you all and I pray for you every day.

Suerte! Que estén muuuuuuyyy bien.

Our hard work pays off.

Con amor,

Elder Gray

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